Return to our clinical activities

We are happy to announce our return to our clinical activities from June 1, 2020. Rest assured that we have everything in place to keep everyone safe.



At Parodontiste Montreal, we understand that dental treatments can be a source of concern.


Friendly atmosphere

It is for this reason that we welcome you in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.


At your service

Our goal is to make your experience as pleasant as possible and we will take the time to serve you well.

The cause of periodontal diseases

Periodontitis is an infectious and inflammatory disease of the tissues supporting the teeth. The mouth is home to a great variety of bacteria, often beneficial. With adequate oral hygiene and good oral health, the immune system maintains periodontal balance and health.

Our two modern clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Digital radiology that reduces the exposure to radiation, sterilization based on the latest standards, music on request, the use of quality materials and Periolase laser treatments.



Our team

However, technology is nothing without a competent, respectful and honest personnel who knows how to use it efficiently.

Dr. Philippe Martineau

Periodontist ntist

Dr. Youssef Bouhout


Dr. Ryma Kabir


Dr. Elyse Grenier


The team

Professional and caring

What should I expect during the first appointment?

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